TEDxBrixen – Brand Identity


TEDx events are independent events based on the TED philosophy (ideas worth spreading), which are attended by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Over 3000 TEDx events are held each year worldwide.

Imagine a community spread throughout the world that participates in an event with enthusiasm and passion year after year, sharing a unique experience.

In my role as art director, it was my responsibility to help TEDxBrixen establish itself as a brand within the local community, using a distinctive identity that allowed it to create a strong bond with its audience.

Brand strategy and identity system

In order to develop a complete identity system covering every touchpoint of the event, we developed a brand strategy, positioning statement, and user profiles.

Result: an event that involved both the local community as speakers and as spectators, creating an atmosphere of belonging and anticipation for future events.


The strategy of an event includes 3 essential phases:

  1. Pre-event
  2. During
  3. Post-event

In collaboration with the marketing team, we formulated a plan for the brand strategy.

To better understand the public, we identified two personas: this helped us to understand needs and desires, as well as reference imagery.


Humanity, technology, inspiration.

TEDx communication has always been linked to these topics: humanity, technology, inspiration.

In making “Our stories” the theme for the event, TEDxBrixen wanted to focus on the human side of the event while underscoring the need for collaboration and sharing, which emerged even more strongly after the pandemic.

Metaphor and visual system

A story is never isolated. There are many hands that shape it: they change it, entangle it, make it flow. We played with the meaning of “fil rouge”: the thread that connects people and stories.

The visual identity of TEDxBrixen comes from the union of the red thread, the x of TEDx and the “human” side of the event – hands that pull, intertwine, knot.

The visual system

What happens if I have to insert a horizontal image vertically? And in a video? And on Instagram?

A flexible, coherent visual system has been developed together with the graphics team, so each font, color, and image can be easily adapted to any digital or print medium.


In order to promote the initiative, we used various platforms: social networks, local newspapers, and a website.

Set-up and gadget

Have you ever noticed how an event is set up? Throughout, it should welcome you and make you feel enthusiastic about the experience you are immersing yourself in.

The red thread that runs through the entire visual identity connects the hall to the center of the stage, in a dialogue between people and their story.

Sometimes it’s enough to look at the objects that surround an event, whether it’s the cloth bag, the hand-screened T-shirts from an artisan workshop, or the personalized badge, to understand the philosophy behind it.

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Giorgia Molinari
Andrea Giglio, Arianna Nonis, Elian Enrich, Mattia Quartana
Stefania Tolin
Ph. Arianna Nonis and Thomas Nonis